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Business Services

We have the ability to creatively address a business client's needs in an efficient, cost effective and affordable manner. The Aidenbaum team guides business clients through the legal and regulatory maze through which properly cautioned and advised entrepreneurs must navigate.

These services include:




Real Estate

The Aidenbaum team offers a wide range of real estate legal services as well as practical business advice, with flexible fee arrangements that are highly cost competitive and cost effective. Real estate law, together with intellectual property law, is central to our firm's practice.

These services include:

Intellectual Property

The Aidenbaum team offers an array of intellectual property services, including due diligence and lay-of-the-land analysis to precede the filing of a patent or trademark application, all the while with an eye toward adding value to your assets at cost-effective rates with flexible fees.

These services include:

Firm Overview

Aidenbaum Schloff and Bloom PLLC is a law firm dedicated to helping local, regional and national clients succeed in a rapidly changing marketplace and evolving legal environment. Business clients need quick and reliable advice on the laws, rules and regulations that affect their dealings. To this end, the Aidenbaum team offers timely and cost-effective counsel to clients in various industries. We accomplish this via experienced business attorneys with outstanding credentials.

We focus on delivering affordable, high quality service to meet our clients' needs. Our mission is client service, and we strive to do it better -- especially in terms of quality, timeliness and cost -- than anyone else does.







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